Levi Greenacres is a tattooer, author and illustrator. His recent projects include Mommy's New Tattoo (published by Schiffer, 2013). Levi also writes the column Tattoo Lunchbox on Tattoo Road Trip, a series of stories collected from tattooers about the extraordinary lives of regular artists.  He is a member of SCBWI, is currently working on a new children's book, and writing literary agent queries by the painty fistful.

You may have seen Levi's interview on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Or on KGW Channel 8 in Portland talking about his latest book, and why he sent a copy of it to the Obama Family.

In between writing books, tattooing, and trading mixtapes, he also sketches residents of his adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon as birds, and writes essays of triumph and misadventure. Levi can also be found occasionally storytelling with various local story theaters.

To contact Levi about the availability and cost of original art and prints, use the form here.

You can view all of Levi's art here, or skip directly to the most recent pieces here.

Mommy's New Tattoo, Available from Schiffer Books February 2013