New Site stuff for December

There's some fun stuff to check out now on the site. I made a page of some of my favorite sketches this year, which include things from the #inktober series, some of the stuff I draw for my day job, and some things from my new books. Also, I've been drawing some Portland comedians as birds at open mics, which is fun. They all live at the Sketches page.

I've made a new portrait this month that reflects a direction I've been heading with using paintings, old paper things, vectorized drawings of mine, and hamfisted photoshoppery. It is unique in that the subject is the youngest volunteer I've had to sit for one of these things– 9 years old! He is Comic Portrait #35, and you can see him reading an exciting book here.

Finally, there is a new video short up today about my relationship with the full moon. Take a look here.

Thanks for looking at my work, there will be more exciting things next year. Happy holidays!

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