How can we dance when our socks are buzzing?

February is an exciting month for me! 

First, my book "Mommy's New Tattoo" got incuded on this BuzzFeed Life list of 19 Unforgettable Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity. It comes in at lucky number 13, and is in there with some really amazing titles. It is an honor to be included!

Second, a design I created has been made into a pair of socks by Sock It To Me! It's a fancy old-school ray gun zapper, and is available as a knee-high and a mid-calf sock. Check it out here.

I am still on a rampage of submitting my newest book to agents and publishers. While I haven't gotten a new book deal yet, I've been getting some really amazing feedback from some very kind folks who've taken the time to write me a real letter about my proposal. While getting excited about a rejection letter sounds kind of funny, if you've ever submitted a book in the modern age, getting a real response–as opposed to a form letter or the increasingly popular no response at all-– is really cool. It means I know someone definitely read it, and has taken the time to share their actual thoughts regarding the artwork and written content. 

There is a new book in the works, too! So far it is an outline, several pieces of concept art, and half of a completed manuscript. Should my current two books I am shopping around not find homes by the time all of the illustrations are comeplete (several months away, as the busy tattoo season is approaching), I may try my hand at ebook publishing, which has come a long way for children's and illustrated formats. Stay tuned!

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