Happy Piece Meals

New For May:

People As Birds now has its own page. I started this series of sketches for a children's book called "Singer In The Wordhouse," which is a complete manuscriupt, set pf storyboards, and several finished illustrations. As I was going through the process of trying to get it sold, I enjoyed doinng cariacture versions of real people so much I just kept drawing them. Now people ask for versions of themselves and friends, which is fun. It might just be its own book at some point! See some birds here.

I've also put up a couple of new videos in the video section."The Dream Place" is about a part of ourselves we all have in common, and "Crazy Coffee Face" for anyone who is or knows someone who looks a little rough before that first cup of joe. I'm calling the series of videos "Late Bloomer," and hope eventually to make it available as an alubum/digital download. They also all live on my YouTube Channel: levigreenacres

This month I also finished a portrait of Portland, OR comedian Curtis Cook, who is a very thoughtful and entertaining performer. I haven't worked on as many portraits this year as I did last year, but have a few more lined up to do in 2015. They live here.

Thanks for looking at my work, I appreciate your feedback and support.


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