The making of “Tractor Face Chain”

In looking around the internets at my painty friends, I saw a lot of folks have done a video or .gif of their painting or drawings from start to finish. I took a bunch of photos of my latest piece, "Tractor Face Chain," from start to finish, showing the various layers of watercolor washes, shading, and goauche that I used for the background and highlights. Then I put them all together with an iOS app called "ImgPlay." It was very easy to use, unlike the other 7 or 8 I tried first. I hope to make more of these, they are fun. I'll be hanging this and other piece this Friday at Skeleton Key Tattoo, with the other artists at the shop, as well as a few pieces I've been collaborating on with Muriel, from my other project, Lovebirds Paper. Thanks for looking.

Tractor Face Chain

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