Cow Face Pose

I nursed a cup of Silly Cow brand Cocoa, foamtopped by a device whose sole purpose is low-speed beverage frothing. 4:51 am glowed tangeringe on the stoveclock. One camoflauge house slipper escaped footless into the dark under an imsomniac computer desk. I don't know why they call their company Silly Cow. Cocoa is a serious business. The internet wanted to give up the mystery of the corporate branding strategy. But first, it wanted to tell me about Cow Face Pose. 

Not the satisfied look on your face when you take that first frothed sip from the chocolate teat of the Silly Cow. Which would be the marketing direction I'd steer that moderately delicious ship. Rather, it is a yoga pose, also known as Gomukhasana, where you sit, cross your knees on top of each other, and grab your hands behind your back with one elbow over your head. Fun party game.Somewhere, someone knows why this is called Cow Face Pose. But I'm not the guy.

What I do know is that before I get a real coffee in me to start a day, I am unable to form most words or smile open my eyes all the way. This has been referred to as "Meat Face." This particular morning I was hoping I could trick myself back to sleep, hence the cocoa. I pondered the meat, the silly, and the cow and decided to draw this yogi, demonstrating bovine anxiety.

Anxiety Yoga is a new thing I'm drawing. There are many things to be anxious about. There are words about anxiety and pictures of this series that live on this page. This cow is one.


Anxiety Yoga 21: Cow Face Pose

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