Fundraiser Pin for Every Library


A many of you know, there was a great threat to the federal funding of US libaries and museums this year. In many parts of the country, individual city and county governments that rely on local money to fund libraries have struggled to keep libary doors open. Like this one in Douglas County, Oregon, which closed permanently in June.

Libraries mean a lot to me, and to my amazing partner Muriel, who is a librarian. We wanted to do our part to help raise money for an important non-profit that helps inform voters on how to take political action at a local level to keep libraries open across the country,

Every Library is an amazing organization that works tirelessly to keep access to information, entertainment, and community available to everyone. From their mission statement on their site:

"EveryLibrary is a nonprofit social welfare organization chartered to work on local library ballot initiatives. The organization is registered in Illinois and receives contributions from individuals, corporate, union, and political donors. We work with local ballot committees and PAC leaders in support of local library ballot measures, library staff and leadership on effective Information Only campaigns, on specific state legislative measures which impact libraries ability to act as districts, and independently to advocate for specific library initiatives among the voting public."

Muriel came up with the concept for the pin, which is now available for sale here, and I drew the image. We both hope you like it, and share your love of libraries with the world. Each pin is $15, and proceeds from the sale go to Every Library to help them keep up their hard work. You can also find out more about them or make a direct contribution in any amount at

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