"Flashbanger'" my new book of tattoo design line art is now available on Amazon!

"Flash" is an old term that refers to tattoo designs that harkens from a time when tattooers traveled with the circus, or independently crossing the globe with their whole shop in a trunk. A sheet of flash would give potential customers their choices of tattoo before most tattooers were expected to labor over a custom piece for each new client. If you didn't see it on the wall or in the trunk, you didn't get it. "Flash" was the "dazzled" feeling the designs were to have inspired in the viewer, who, unless they lived in a bigger city that was frequented by traveling artists (few of them stayed put in the 1920s and 1930s) probably hadn't seen a lot of tattoo art before. These images were magic heiroglyphs of a secretive cleric's transient temple.

"Banger" is a more modern term that often refers to a tattoo piece that is "banged out" in one, frequently short (less than 2 hours) session. While shops full of tattoo flash aren't as common any more, with the demand for custom work being more prevalent, many artists produce or trade individual sheets of or books of their own flash designs. 

"Flashbanger" is 50 pages of designs I drew mostly in 2017, that were intended to be traded or collected by people that wanted something in the old-fashioned tradition. It can be used as a stencil-ready professional reference, or as a coloring book by tattoo lovers (or the tattoo-curious).