New Reviews for “Mommy’s New Tattoo”

I have been super busy this month with work and life! Summer is the busy season for my day job, and there’s been some really exciting stuff going on with “Mommy’s New Tattoo” which I will post about soon. Until then, check out some of the new reviews my book has gotten from Bob Baxter and Mary Gardner from Tattoo Road Trip, and Lyle Tuttle! They are just two of a recent batch of amazing reviews my work has gotten, check out more at my Press page.

“What a delightful, easy-to-read and understand little book. Greenacres’ heartfelt message is conveyed in a loving, supportive way, without talking down to the reader.The words, the splendid graphics: a must for any tattoo enthusiast with kids in the house.”
–Bob Baxter & Mary Gardner,

“This book proves that tattooing is no longer the realm of drunken sailors
and fallen women.” –Lyle Tuttle

I was lucky enough to meet Bob and Mary when they came to Skeleton Key Tattoo, taking photos and interviewing the owner for their next Tattoo Road Trip book, which is coming out next year through Schiffer Books. They were also kind enough to say a few words about my book. You can see what they get up to here at Bob’s site. 

Here is an article from TRT about the weekend event where I met Lyle Tuttle. There’s a picture of Ximena Quiroz, Lyle Tuttle, and yours truly here as well.