“Mommy’s New Tattoo” News

My book “Mommy’s New Tattoo” is no longer available through Amazon as a self-published title. The good news is that a publisher has decided to pick it up, and it will be released in the Spring of 2013! I’ll have more information about when and where soon, but if you have tried to order the book online and found a broken link, that would be why.

I am really excited to have all of the work I’ve put into writing this and other books pay off. When “Mommy’s New Tattoo” comes out, I’ll be working on getting my other titles out, and I’ve been working on a new book altogether.

For the moment, you can still pick up my other books “Ham In A Pram” and my coloring book, “Animals In Funny Situations: A Coloring Book For People.”

Thanks everyone for encouraging me over the years, buying books, recommending retailers, following my Facebook and Twitter and all the rest. I am grateful to you all for the support, and look forward to rewarding your patience and kindness with a whole bunch of fun things to read.

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