STMAG 4: Winning The War On Blogs

sometimes i stay up late. most of the time. up too late. trying to make sense of life with words and pictures. then when i wake up a little bit, i am still struggling with something. this morning, i felt that the struggle was a full on war. in the dreamland i still had one lobe in, i addressed the officers of the blog army/said to my actual girlfriend trying to say good morning:

me: lieutenant! are you satisfied that the war on the blog battlement is being won? or are we at cross purposes?
her: i love you, mister.
me: you love what now?!?
her: i don’t know, your face? cuddling?
me: i’ll take that as a no. and by no, i don’t mean no thank you.
her: have fun with your blog, fella.
me: carry on, lieutenant. dismissed.

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