STMAG #5: The Sloth Is In The Chalice

sometimes i am treated to the friendly return fire of my special lady friend when i begin a morning with crazyface. like today, when was talking about my dream.

her: good morning! i brought you coffee.
her: yes.
me: (laying in bed, not ready to operate hot beverages) i was having this dream. i was at my boss’s house, and she had a problem with her sink and washing machine. they wouldn’t drain right. so there was this rube goldberg style drain system made out of plastic cups, dustpans, and a broken coffee machine. it all drained downstairs in the basement. in the basement was a panel of celebrities having a heartfelt round-robin discussion of the problems facing youth culture today as a result of overexposure to the horror of mass media. included in the conversation was country legend john anderson, who had shaved his beard. he looked pretty bad without it. but more importantly, who let john anderson in there? he doesn’t know anything about the internet!
her: i love your crazy morning face. i put your coffee on the desk.
me: the bats are in the bellfry.
her: the sloth is in the chalice.
me: (now fully in love) thanks for spicing up my world.

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