Mommy’s New Tattoo available for pre-order!

My book “Mommy’s New Tattoo” is now available for pre-order at Amazon, from publisher Schiffer Books. I am very excited to have seen this book start as an idea and become a published title. The book will be officially available soon for $16.99, but if you pre-order now from Amazon, you can save over five bucks and get it for just $11.55! Be the first one on your block to have my new book arrive in a box.

Thank you to everyone who has given me support for my writing over the years, looking over various drafts and illustrations, purchasing the original self-published version, telling friends and family, and just generally being awesome. I hope that you’ll like this new hardback edition, which is beautifully redesigned and made by Schiffer, and features a new introduction and biographical information about Madame Lazonga, Katie Williams, and Ximena Quiroz. The original story and pictures, including the stencil-ready line art for the tattoo image on the cover are still included, as well as several kind reviews on the dust jacket with a picture of me on there too.

You can pre-order “Mommy’s New Tattoo” here.

Thanks again everyone, please feel free to spread the word and pass the link around. More news about book readings and signings to come soon!

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