Absolutely Alphabetized!

the series of Nouveau-inspired illuminated manuscripts i’ve been working on the last couple of months is now complete! i call it “Abecedarian,” and all of the letters live here. i originally did these as the start of the picture-making process for my next book in progress, which is visually based on a turn of the 20th century book of fairy tales, illustrated in beautiful black and white plates. i have always liked the look of old books that start chapters with a fancy letter, so i decided rather than use existing fancy letters, i would do up one of my own.

because i am also a word nerd, i have started a little video project that showcases some of the fun vocabulary words i unearthed in the process of naming all of the letters. many of the words come from one of my favorite websites of all time, Forthright’s Phrontistery, which has been a valuable companion to me since i did a radio show years ago in Seattle, where i would spin novelty records and share a brand new linguistic antique every week. there was more than one word i wish i could have used in the naming process, so i collected some of the ones that made me laugh the most, and will be sharing them with funny voices on the YouTube soon! the trailer i made for that is here. enjoy.

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