#STMAG 6: A Song About The Dream Of Horses

normally i have a monopoly on funny things that get said first thing in the morning around my house, particularly pre-coffee. at least, i used to. this morning, doing the half-awake shuffle, i was in the act of pouring yesterday’s coffee from the french press into a cup. i forgot my special lady friend has tuesdays off now, so i was surprised when the bedroom door opened and she came running out to grab my shirt.

(note: i’m used to having the house to myself when i wake up, the actual girlfriend going off to work very early. i had slept in my study the night before, after we’d fallen asleep together for a bit, then i got the late night working bug.)

the following conversation ensued.

her: would you still love me if i was a horse?
me: i would try, i think.
her: i had this dream where i got turned into a horse. i was a very pretty horse.
me: naturally, i expect you would be.
her: i had human hair. and i could communicate. in horse language. but i
got turned into a horse before i could teach you the horse language… i
think i had one of your dreams, i don’t have dreams like that.
me: that makes sense. i fell asleep before you, and i didn’t have any
dreams last night. so the dream must have come out of me and landed on
your pillow.
her: i got dream juice?
me: dream dust. it leaks out of my ear sometimes.

i hope she writes a song about this dream of horses.

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