Free Bookmarks for Libraries and Book Lovers

As part of my Folk Art Coloring Book Project, I took four of my existing art pieces and created these bookmarks.They are 2.5"x7", and come arranged four to a page in a .pdf for easy printing and cutting.

Some of you may know that many libraries don't have the finances to easily meet all the needs of patrons for a variety of resources, including ordering pre-made bookmarks and templates. To say thank you to the many libraries and their staff for being a regular and amazing part of my life and livelihood, I created these designs for everyone that may be downloaded and distributed for free. These can be used as tiny coloring book pages as well for coloring book meetup groups, play dates, and book clubs.

The .zip file containing all four sheets I've made so far is here.

I'd love to see these out in the world and in use! Send me pictures of these from your library or at home, and I'll be happy to share them online. My contact page is here. You can also reach me/tag me on Instragram @levigreenacres.

If you recognize libraries as a necessary and wonderful part of your community, and want to know how to help support them at home and across the country, please consider donating to Every Library. They do amazing work.

Also, thank a librarian for being awesome.

preview images:

Bees  Brrds  Dogs  Foxes





Folk Art Dog Tattoo

My newest time lapse video for my folk art tattoo coloring book project.I've got more on the way soon, and am very close to my goal of having 10 to submit for my coloring book proposal this month. I've also got a new HD video camera, and am experimenting with it for the videos of the inking of the finished book pages.If you've missed any of the videos so far, there's a playlist on YouTube with all of them together you can kick back and enjoy back to back. Thanks for watching. 


Folk art tattoo: Bees Knees!

A new folk art tattoo design, a cute chubby bumblebee. I am excited to be getting these out there, and learning lots about the video process. Once the tattoos are all done at the end of the month, I'll be making more time lapse videos inking the finished coloring book page concepts. Hopefully these will be exciting to watch (and convincing to publishers to make a folk art tattoo coloring book out of)! Thanks again to everyone for your support, and helping spread the word on this project.



Folk Art Jellyfish

This is the last design I'm offering for my Folk Art Tattoo Coloring Book project proposal. I'm starting to work on the finished coloring book pages with these illustrations at their center, which, with the finished videos of these concepts as tattoos, I'm starting to shop around next month to publishers. Thanks to everyone who's gotten one of these pieces so far, and for the encouragement and suggestions for new creatures to draw. With all of your support, this project has been a blast to work on so far, and I look forward to putting together a great book.

Folk Art Jellyfish