Folk Art Flamingo

My first video in my Folk Art Animals Coloring Book project, from drawing to finished tattoo. My goal is to complete 10 of these to help a publisher get interested in putting out a whole book devoted to designs in this style. I am grateful to have several of these in the works so far, thanks to the generosity of some kind people who volunteer their skins (and knowledge of video editing!). There are still several designs available, and one or two spots open for suggestion on animals you'd like to see and wear. Thanks to Tuesday, who came in for this piece, and to all of you for your continued sharing and support of my work.


Folk Art Animals

I am working on a new series of folk art animal designs, for tattooing and as a book of designs to color and use for tattoo reference. Animated gif versions of some of these live on my Selected Works page. Designs are based on a variety of traditional Scandinavian and Eastern European folk art, and popular American Traditional Tattoo elements. It's been a lot of fun doing research for these, and the designs so far have been well-received through my social media. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement, and keep an ear out on progress on this project. There will be more news soon!

Folk Art Sloth Folk Art SlothFolk Art Bird 1Folk Art Flamingo


"Flashbanger'" my new book of tattoo design line art is now available on Amazon!

"Flash" is an old term that refers to tattoo designs that harkens from a time when tattooers traveled with the circus, or independently crossing the globe with their whole shop in a trunk. A sheet of flash would give potential customers their choices of tattoo before most tattooers were expected to labor over a custom piece for each new client. If you didn't see it on the wall or in the trunk, you didn't get it. "Flash" was the "dazzled" feeling the designs were to have inspired in the viewer, who, unless they lived in a bigger city that was frequented by traveling artists (few of them stayed put in the 1920s and 1930s) probably hadn't seen a lot of tattoo art before. These images were magic heiroglyphs of a secretive cleric's transient temple.

"Banger" is a more modern term that often refers to a tattoo piece that is "banged out" in one, frequently short (less than 2 hours) session. While shops full of tattoo flash aren't as common any more, with the demand for custom work being more prevalent, many artists produce or trade individual sheets of or books of their own flash designs. 

"Flashbanger" is 50 pages of designs I drew mostly in 2017, that were intended to be traded or collected by people that wanted something in the old-fashioned tradition. It can be used as a stencil-ready professional reference, or as a coloring book by tattoo lovers (or the tattoo-curious).


Letters From The Void

I am proud to announce that Float On has released a new book about people's experiences in their sensory deprivation float tanks. I was featured in their first book. Artwork From The Void (FloatOn, 2011) which was mostly pictures and a few selections of writing. This book is primarily writing about the float experience, and a handful of illustrations based on the written works. Three of the illustrations are mine, shown below. 

The book release party is this Friday, August 11th from 2-5pm at Rogue Hall (at Rogue Ales, 1717 SW Park Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201), and is part of the international Float Conference

Hope to see you all there!

"Vitruviantics" Illustration for "Letters From The Void" Natural Laws, from "Letters From The Void" "Wake Engine" 2017

Thank you for your support of Every Library!

Thank You!

Muriel and I are very excited to say that our enamel "I Love My Library" Pins sold out, and have now all been shipped! Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the limited edition pins we had made, which benefits the amazing work that EveryLibrary does to help libraries across the country stay open.

If you didn't get a chance to purchase one, but would still like to donate directly to EveryLibary, you can do so here.

And, if you really want a pin and want to help EveryLibary in the future, we'll be announcing a Kickstarter soon to take pre-orders for another run of these cool pins, so that everyone who wants one will have a chance to show their love. Stay tuned for news on that, and thanks again.



Fundraiser Pin for Every Library


A many of you know, there was a great threat to the federal funding of US libaries and museums this year. In many parts of the country, individual city and county governments that rely on local money to fund libraries have struggled to keep libary doors open. Like this one in Douglas County, Oregon, which closed permanently in June.

Libraries mean a lot to me, and to my amazing partner Muriel, who is a librarian. We wanted to do our part to help raise money for an important non-profit that helps inform voters on how to take political action at a local level to keep libraries open across the country,

Every Library is an amazing organization that works tirelessly to keep access to information, entertainment, and community available to everyone. From their mission statement on their site:

"EveryLibrary is a nonprofit social welfare organization chartered to work on local library ballot initiatives. The organization is registered in Illinois and receives contributions from individuals, corporate, union, and political donors. We work with local ballot committees and PAC leaders in support of local library ballot measures, library staff and leadership on effective Information Only campaigns, on specific state legislative measures which impact libraries ability to act as districts, and independently to advocate for specific library initiatives among the voting public."

Muriel came up with the concept for the pin, which is now available for sale here, and I drew the image. We both hope you like it, and share your love of libraries with the world. Each pin is $15, and proceeds from the sale go to Every Library to help them keep up their hard work. You can also find out more about them or make a direct contribution in any amount at

Secure PayPal checkout here:


Cow Face Pose

I nursed a cup of Silly Cow brand Cocoa, foamtopped by a device whose sole purpose is low-speed beverage frothing. 4:51 am glowed tangeringe on the stoveclock. One camoflauge house slipper escaped footless into the dark under an imsomniac computer desk. I don't know why they call their company Silly Cow. Cocoa is a serious business. The internet wanted to give up the mystery of the corporate branding strategy. But first, it wanted to tell me about Cow Face Pose. 

Not the satisfied look on your face when you take that first frothed sip from the chocolate teat of the Silly Cow. Which would be the marketing direction I'd steer that moderately delicious ship. Rather, it is a yoga pose, also known as Gomukhasana, where you sit, cross your knees on top of each other, and grab your hands behind your back with one elbow over your head. Fun party game.Somewhere, someone knows why this is called Cow Face Pose. But I'm not the guy.

What I do know is that before I get a real coffee in me to start a day, I am unable to form most words or smile open my eyes all the way. This has been referred to as "Meat Face." This particular morning I was hoping I could trick myself back to sleep, hence the cocoa. I pondered the meat, the silly, and the cow and decided to draw this yogi, demonstrating bovine anxiety.

Anxiety Yoga is a new thing I'm drawing. There are many things to be anxious about. There are words about anxiety and pictures of this series that live on this page. This cow is one.


Anxiety Yoga 21: Cow Face Pose