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“Mommy’s New Tattoo” listed on BuzzFeed as one of 19 Unforgettable Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity.

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Here’s what some readers have had to say about “Mommy’s New Tattoo”:

“What a delightful, easy-to-read and understand little book. Greenacres’ heartfelt message is conveyed in a loving, supportive way, without talking down to the reader.The words, the splendid graphics: a must for any tattoo enthusiast with kids in the house.”
–Bob Baxter & Mary Gardner,

“Loved this little gem of a book! Illustrations are simple and bold, respectfully reminiscent of Old School tattooing. The story sweetly touches the many questions and concerns a novice might have about the permanent marking someone we love. Very well done. A happy addition to any tattoo library.” –“Shanghai” Kate Hellenbrand

“This book proves that tattooing is no longer the realm of drunken sailors
and fallen women.” –Lyle Tuttle

“Cartoons on paper about cartoons on skin
Levi’s poetry and art
Madame Lazonga and momma together
Heart pierced with words and dart”
Bad poetry by Mary Jane Haake.  “Mommy’s New Tattoo” is the good stuff.

“Tattoos can be a prickly topic for modern parents, but Mommy’s New Tattoo deftly needles through the ethics. Smart, thoughtful, and beautifully illustrated, Mommy’s New Tattoo is the perfect read about skin art for parents and kids—inked or not.”
–James Bernard Frost, author of A Very Minor Prophet.

“If you know a mom with a tattoo, or a kid with a mom, this is the Mother’s Day present you’ve been looking for.”–Chelsea Cain

“With its bright, whimsical and vibrant illustrations, Mommy’s New Tattoo is a charming conversation piece fit for every tattoo parlor coffee table in the nation. A multigenerational story based upon a multigenerational pastime and art form, Mommy’s New Tattoo not only captures the wide-eyed sense of childlike wonder that encompasses author Levi Greenacres, but also the tingling (literally!) anticipation that comes from that first piece of cherished ink. A rare gem of an untapped genre.” –Ryan J. Zeinert, author of Aerating The Mashed Potatoes,

“It’s a great story for those with tattoos to read with children as a discussion but also as a remembrance of tattoos past, my daughter and I enjoyed rereading the story and looking at the pictures, spotting tattoo designs and little details we remembered from 8 years ago when I was inked.” –Tattooed Mummy at

“In this beautifully illustrated children’s/adult genre book, author Levi Greenacres weaves a heartfelt tale of Mommy and her new tattoo.”–Jodie Michalak, tattoo guide at

“Greenacres’ delightful bedtime-story-like take on the process . . .Simply, engagingly told.” Wayne Allen Brenner, The Austin Chronicle

“Sharing with your child the value, symbolism and permanence involved in tattoo should absolutely be a mainstay in parenting these days.  As a parent and as a proud owner of ink I love, as well as ink I regret, I advise you to take a look at Mommy’s New Tattoo.”

“Mommy’s New Tattoo is an excellent introduction for young people into the world of tattooing. It talks about the art the way it should be, as a mysterious and amazing adventure, and a personal decision to be made with forethought and respect to its permanence and tradition. The first book of its kind for children by a tattooist, this book will be an important addition to the libraries of tattooed families for generations. I am proud to be a part of this story, and to recommend it to others.” –Vyvyn Lazonga, Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo

“I am a Mom. With kids. And tattoos. I’m thrilled to have a book to share with my little readers that treats the subject of tattoos lovingly and realistically, without hype of stereotypes. The prose is fun and approachable, and the illustrations are bright page flippers. 10 thumbs up from this colorful household!” –Katie Williams, owner/artist at House Of Tattoo, Tacoma WA

“This is a beautifully written and illustrated book for all ages. I’m honored to have been included in a project that will be loved by so many for many years to come.” –Ximena Quiroz, owner/artist at Skeleton Key Tattoo, Portland OR

“Levi Greenacres is the Dr. Suess for the modern age, the story is great and the art is very well done. You should run out and buy a copy, in fact, buy more than just one.” –Hubba of the Seattle Tattoo Emporium

“The first day that I owned “Mommy’s New Tattoo,” I was required to read it seven times. My 4 year old daughter loves it, and it is wonderful to see the look on her face as she reaches more understanding about what daddy does, and the world around her.” –Mark L, Tattooer, Portland, OR

“A children’s book of this subject seems hard to pull off, but through classic story telling, brilliant illustrations, and a wonderful view into the world of tattooing – this may quickly become a favorite children’s story for those tattooed or not.”
–Jake Tong, tattooer,

“Levi Greenacre’s writing is as clever as his illustrations. The story is engaging, and unfolds with a solid lyrical presence that never feels contrived and primes young children on how to grasp an adult decision. Skillfully presented, poetic and entertaining Mommy’s New Tattoo speaks to modern-minded audiences, young and old.” –Brandy Grey, reporter, playwright, tattooed aunt

“Beautiful story (especially since I received my copy around Mother’s day) and really beautiful artwork. A lovely addition to our child and adult book collection. Thank you!!!” Rebecca D, mom, Davis, CA

“I love, love, love this book. It is the perfect way to explain to my grandson what those pictures are on grandma and how they got there. It covers the many aspects of getting a tattoo in a kid friendly way. I’m sharing it with my three year old grandson and my elementary school nieces.” –Shannon F, Tattooed Grandma, Mount Hood, OR

“This book is super cute, by an amazing artist. Kids will love it as well as adults.” –Courtney D, Portland, OR