ANXIETY YOGA began as a response to a painter's statement about the art community's responsibility to create art post-November 2016. They called for less focus on subjects such as vacant-eyed women, floral and bird arrangements and other empty pretty things, and for artists to begin to create art which reflected some of the real turmoil that society was experiencing, or about to experience. Whereas actual yoga promotes balance, mindfulness, and harmony with the mind and body, ANXIETY YOGA strives to capture the feeling of inner chaos and turmoil of anxiousness when individuals are robbed of their agency, safety, and purpose due to circumstances beyond their control. The ambiguity of gender and (in some cases, species), and disproportionate anatomy in this series reflects the lack of discrimination which Anxiety and other disorders show the afflicted.


Anxiety Yoga 21: Cow Face Pose Anxiety Yoga 19: Flapping Fish Pose Anxiety Yoga 18: Reclining Pigeon Pose Anxiety Yoga 17: Scorpion Pose Anxiety Yoga 16 Anxiety Yoga 15: Bubblegum Pose Anxiety Yoga 14: Couple's Yoga 2 anxiety13 Anxiety Yoga 12: Swan Pose anxiety11Anxiety Yoga 11: Snake Pose Anxiety Yoga: Lotus Position Anxiety Yoga 9: Baby Turtle Pose Anxiety 7: Crystal Yoga Anxiety Yoga 8: Snowbird Pose Anxiety Yoga 5: 3-Legged Frog Pose Anxiety 6: Pretzel One Anxiety Yoga 4: Treepose Anxiety Yoga II Anxiety Yoga III Anxiety Yoga