Folk Art Jellyfish Folk Dog Folk Rooster Folk Art Elephant: Bet He's Not Too Scared Folk Art BRRD Folk Art Flamingo Folksy Giraffe Folk Art Sloth Folk Art Bird 1 Flashbanger 2 Smell The Freedom Bear Wood Tasty Bananas Merbutler Fly the lightning!


Anxiety Yoga 17: Scorpion Pose   Anxiety Yoga 14: Couple's Yoga 1    Anxiety Yoga 12: Swan Pose Rise & Resist, 2017  Anxiety Yoga 6: Pretzel One   Anxiety Yoga 9: Baby Turtle Pose  Sea Preacher "Vitruviantics" Illustration for "Letters From The Void" Natural Laws, from "Letters From The Void" "Wake Engine" 2017 Every Library Pin Old School tattoo design


Anxiety Yoga 5: 3-Legged Frog Pose  Anxiety Yoga III Anxiety Yoga II Anxiety Yoga Birdecahedron Moth Math PokeBusters. Kanye Cake, Willamette Week 2016  Emmett Montgomery Poster, 2016 Fundraising Postcard Tractor Face Chain Flower Brain Writing Desk 


Socks I Designed, available at Torch Carrier People As Birds: Rock N Roll Librarian Thanks For The Cutleries Momday 2015 Whale Rider Bananabird Phone "Rent Control" illustration for Portland Mercury 2nd Annual MS Bites Poster Comic Illustrations for Willamette Week, July 2015 Comic Illustrations for Willamette Week, July 2015 Insert For Willamette Week pickup boxes, July 2015


Comic Portrait 35: Encyclopedia Cartographia Holiday Card, 2014    Poster for fundraiser 2014 Bike MS Event Poster, July 2014 Illustration for Portland Mercury, 2014 Illustration for Willamette Week Comic Portrait 16: Flannery Row "St. John's Minibiker," ink and computer  Comic Portrait #3: Selfie   "Robolover" Moonlight Shark Fight, Or, How I Saved The Moon With Peanut Butter." ink, watercolor, goauche "Puppeteer," ink watercolor, goauche  "Love Light" 2014. Goauche, Watercolor, Ink "Golden Artichoke Award," ink watercolor, goauche


"St. Ide's Heaven" Lyric Bulb. Ink, Watercolor, Goauche.  "Merriest Tentacles," Holiday XIII card "Gypsy Mother," Ink, watercolor, goauche. 2013 Truck Punchin'! Ink, watercolor, goauche.  Certificate of Awesome!"Damsel In Head Dress," 2013. Ink, watercolor, goauche  Promo art for 2013 Birdhouseplant 2: Swinging Architecture Shirt design for Rio DeGenarro's fundraiser event, 2013  Rio's shirt! Thank You card, 2013  Celtish Bird, 2013 by Levi Greenacres. Ink and watercolor Mom Heart, July 2013 "Birdhouseplant," 2013. Ink and watercolor "The Good Ship Thanksalot," 2013, ink and watercolor. "Bearded Bird," based on "Feng Huang" 2013.  Get Well Card, 2013  Logo concepts for Christopher Ryan's podcast, "Tangentially Speaking"Logo concepts for Christopher Ryan's podcast, "Tangentially Speaking"


"Smirks At Dawn," August 2012. Watercolor, ink, goauche, 22"x28"She Horse OneShe Horse Two: The Drinkening, 2012"Sinesthesiology One: Sinister," 2012"Sinesthesiology Two: Dexter," 2012"The Complex Science Of Hybrid Crops," 2012.Starbride Two Thousand, 2012"Queen Of The High Seas" September 2012Birthday Card, 2012Birthday Card, July 2012Birthday Card 2, July 2012Trea Arthur, 2012Edgar Allen Pony, 2012Ruth Etting, 2011Christmas Catfish, 2011

2010 & 2011

Tyrannosaurus Wreck, 2010Promotional Art, 2011Book Worm, 2011Reading Is Rad, 2011Business Card, 2011Promotional Painting, 2010Business Card 2009-2010Vagabaond Opera (PDX) T-Shirt DesignPigacorn, 2010Promotional Flyer, 2011Mix CD Cover for DMTS, 2010Promotional Flyer, 2011Xmas Card 2011CSnake CD Cover, 2011Graduated Cyclone, 2010Dragon Whale, 2010Anniversary Bird, 2010Scissorhead, 2011Scholar Owl, 2011

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