Images from an alphabet project I’m working on, part of my next book which will be illustrated in the tradition of Howard Pyle’s 1887 collection of stories for children, The Wonder Clock. Big thanks to Forthright’s Phrontistery for the treasury of words many of these pieces have taken their titles from.

To have a little fun with these letters, and make them easy to share, I’ve started a video collection featuring alliteration and absurdity called Abecedarian Apothecary on Youtube. You can view the trailer for the collection here.

Abecedarian: Of, like or pertaining to the order of the alphabet; rudimentary

Achloropsia: Colour-blindness with respect to greenBibliomancy: divination by opening a book at randomCircumbilivagination: Going around in a circular motion; circumambulationDromomania: Compulsive longing for travelEuphobia: Fear of good newsFuliguline: Of, like or pertaining to sea ducks

Gynotikolobomassophile: One who nibbles on women’s earlobesHetaerocracy: Government by paramoursInfundibuliform: Having the form of a funnel or cone; funnel-shaped.Jentacular: Pertaining to breakfastKoinoniphobia: Fear of a room full of peopleLapilliform: Shaped like a small stoneMatriotism:  Love for country or other institution when regarded as a mother Nudiustertian: Pertaining to the day before yesterday Omphalopsychite:  One who meditates by gazing at the navel Peristerophily: The rearing of pigeons; specifically, the training of carrier-pigeons for military service. Quodlibet: Theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation; also a whimsical combination of familiar melodies or texts.Risorgimento : A time of renewal or renaissance; revival; rebirth  Scribbleomania: A craze or mania for scribbling. Thigmotaxis: Movement of plant towards or away from an object Umbiliciform: Shaped like a navel Verbificent: 1. Extremely liberal in making new words. 2. Using high-sounding or fabricated words where common ones would do Weltschmerz: Mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state Xenodocheionology:  Love of hotels Yogibogeybox: Materials used by a spiritualist Zosteriform:  Shaped like a girdle