"Nerd Rock" publicity photo, 2003 or 2004

photo by Rebecca Bolte

In olden tymes, Levi was involved with:

A Radio Show
Live music and circus shows
DJing for a drag review
A group of stand up comedians
Gourmet cupcakes
Working as a Phone Psychic

Radio Show

Nerd Rock was a curious radio program that aired on 91.3FM KBCS Bellevue-Seattle from April 2002 until October 2005, hosted by one Reverend Bubba “Levi” Greenacres. The musical format could best be described as “like Dr. Demento versus Stereoloab in a steel cage outer-space grudge match.” Over the years the program featured many live guests, a new vocabulary word of the week, and a look at “This Day In Nerd History,” and a romantic “Nerds in Love” request and dedication segment at the end of every show. Originally the show aired on Monday nights at 11pm, and moved to Friday nights at 10pm.

Live musical guests and co-hosts included:

Monktail Creative Music Concern
Dutch Sara
The Branflakes
Travis Shredd and the Good Ol’ Homeboys
Eccentrica (former host of The Arcade, Nerd Rock’s weird predecessor)
The Bad Things
Samsonite & Delite-ya
Lake City Orchestra
Non Grata
Wave Theology
United Sheep
The Speedles
Common Rotation

Some of the favorite musical selections on the show (in no particular order) included:

They Might Be Giants
Frank Zappa
Mojo Nixon
Travis Shredd and the Good Ol’ Homeboys
James Kochalka Superstar
Little Fyodor
The Residents
Arlo Guthrie
Dr. Octagon
Shel Silverstein
Life in a Blender
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
The Branflakes
Link Wray
Southern Culture on the Skids
Shonen Knife
King Missile
Yma Sumac
Isao Tomita
The Persuasions
Weird Al
Johnny Cash
Allen Sherman
Little Luann
Spike Jones
Captain Beefheart
The Cramps
Ray Stevens
Wesley Willis
Dan Bern
The Visitations
Hayseed Dixie
One Ring Zero
Cab City Combo
Velvet Underground
Ogden Edsel
Red Elvises
Jerry Reed
Vinnie and the Stardusters
Jim’s Big Ego
Kenny Young and the Eggplants
Tom Lehrer
and many more

In 2004 and 2005, I hosted Live Roots! at Seattle’s Fado in Pioneer square, DJing music and booking shows. Performers included:

Handful of Luvin
Johnny Rocketpants
The Bad Things
Creeping Time
Red Emmas Dance Band
The Red Note
Life in a Blender
Old Man Tasty and the Lords of the Future
Sacred Truths
Birds May Bite
X-Ray Eyes
White Collar High
Revolving Jugglers
The Consul
Tom Solo & The Look Ma No Hands Band / The Propellors
Cassandra Speaks
Shiftless Layabout
Denny at Dusk
In Lake’Ch
Captain Seahorse and Revenge Upon Humanity
The Senate
A Particularly Vicious Rumor
Nannies & Crooks
Don Haupt
Everyday Jones
Levi Fuller & The Library
Mike Danner

Pictures coming soon!

The Circus and More

I used to organize a wide variety of performance events under the arts and education production company name Hometown Gravy. Events included the annual Bubble Rally, the Nerd Rock Fashion Show A-Go-Go, and the popular Carnival Reverie, which was spearheaded by the fearlessly talented Ringmistress DiTolvo.

Pictures coming soon!

Stand up comedians

Through my friend Emmett Montgomery, who I worked with at a video store for a while, I got introduced to the People’s Republic Of Komedy. I did some of their early posters, DJ’d before the show, and ran their sound– a single microphone. It was a lot of fun.

DJ for a Drag Review

I used to DJ for a drag revue at what used to be Hamburger Mary’s on Capitol Hill. It turned into a venue cleverly named “Bar” when I was there, was a whole bunch of other things. Last time I was in Seattle it was a pizza place. The drag show featured the amazing Sylvia O’Stayformore, who is still fabulous and hosting events around Seattle. On alternating weeks, I hosted bands, much to the chagrin of the people that came to Bar for karaoke the other 6 nights of the week. It’s where I learned how to run a sound board, and was my first experience being the go between for bands and club management, often working at hostile cross-purposes.

Cupcake Driver

The last regular job I had before starting my tattoo apprenticeship was working for Cupcake Royale, frosting and delivering gourmet cupcakes. It was the first I’d ever heard of cupcakes being a big deal. To keep myself entertained, I would buy a lot of little cake toppers down the street at Archie McPhee, and make a cupcake every day with a bunch of randomly juxtaposed figures on top, give it a fancy name, and sell if for five bucks. I called this the “Artcake Du Jour.”

Cupcake Royale had this old brown Dodge Caravan they used for deliveries that reeked of buttercream frosting, which we called “The Choco-Van,” after the codename for a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. The Choco-Van had a tape deck in it, with many old tapes left behind in the console. I learned to love the band Squeeze driving cupcakes around town. And, I made a certain peace with a particular Huey Lewis song at this time, whom I had loathed at a child. In one of the songs, Huey states that “I like things that go fast/ ‘Cause I know the good things never really last.” From this lyric I also formed the opinion that one must be open to heeding wisdom wherever one may find it, even if it is from an unlikely source. My life was greatly improved by both the song, and the revelation, as it was useful many times over the years in learning to heed people trying to teach me about tattoos.

Working as a phone psychic

Yes, I really did that for a little while. It was the most efficient way to try out a deck of tarot cards I was drawing. Turns out, people who want to know if their spouse is cheating on them, or where they will be living in two years often don’t want to hear about the Cosmic Librarian. I also read from the more common Rider-Waite deck. I have retired from prognostication, though I occasionally practice and encourage bibliomancy.