The Obama Family Tattoo Conversation: My response

In a recent interview, President Obama talked about speaking to his children about body art, and the ultimatum he delivered to them about what would happen if they got tattoos. Maybe I can add my book to what I hope is an ongoing conversation in their home, that will include fewer threats, and more concise… Continue reading The Obama Family Tattoo Conversation: My response

Mother’s Day Tattoo Contest!

Tattoo Road Trip has announced a “Mom” tattoo contest that is on now until April 28. Submit your tattoo (either one you’ve gotten, or professionally tattooed on someone) and win some cool stuff, including a copy of Mommy’s New Tattoo.) All the info is here. Good luck!

Books, Bands, Art

I got interviewed by the folks at, in which I discuss tattooing, my new book, and some of the people who inspire me artistically. These inspirations run the gamut of tattooers, authors like Shel Silverstein, and my favorite rock band of all time: They Might Be Giants. Check out the full write-up here.

Absolutely Alphabetized!

the series of Nouveau-inspired illuminated manuscripts i’ve been working on the last couple of months is now complete! i call it “Abecedarian,” and all of the letters live here. i originally did these as the start of the picture-making process for my next book in progress, which is visually based on a turn of the… Continue reading Absolutely Alphabetized!

Mommy’s New Tattoo available for pre-order!

My book “Mommy’s New Tattoo” is now available for pre-order at Amazon, from publisher Schiffer Books. I am very excited to have seen this book start as an idea and become a published title. The book will be officially available soon for $16.99, but if you pre-order now from Amazon, you can save over five… Continue reading Mommy’s New Tattoo available for pre-order!

Meet Me At Wordstock

Just in case you needed another reason to go to Wordstock, yours truly will be there at 5pm with the Mystery Box Show, telling a story on stage.