Folk Art Animals

I am working on a new series of folk art animal designs, for tattooing and as a book of designs to color and use for tattoo reference. Animated gif versions of some of these live on my Selected Works page. Designs are based on a variety of traditional Scandinavian and Eastern European folk art, and… Continue reading Folk Art Animals


"Flashbanger'" my new book of tattoo design line art is now available on Amazon! "Flash" is an old term that refers to tattoo designs that harkens from a time when tattooers traveled with the circus, or independently crossing the globe with their whole shop in a trunk. A sheet of flash would give potential customers their choices of… Continue reading Flashbanger!

Letters From The Void

I am proud to announce that Float On has released a new book about people's experiences in their sensory deprivation float tanks. I was featured in their first book. Artwork From The Void (FloatOn, 2011) which was mostly pictures and a few selections of writing. This book is primarily writing about the float experience, and a… Continue reading Letters From The Void

Thank you for your support of Every Library!

Muriel and I are very excited to say that our enamel "I Love My Library" Pins sold out, and have now all been shipped! Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the limited edition pins we had made, which benefits the amazing work that EveryLibrary does to help libraries across the country stay open. If… Continue reading Thank you for your support of Every Library!

Rise & Resist for the NPF

Inspired by the efforts of the Alt US National Park Service, to talk about the truth of humankind's impact on the global climate, against an executive order,  I made this Rise & Resist design based on the National Park Service logo. It's currently up on TeeSpring on a variety of shirt styles, mugs and stickers.… Continue reading Rise & Resist for the NPF

Merry Tentacles!

i have always had an intense relationships with my dreams. my earliest memory is a dream, when i was two years old. i dreamed that ants lived under my pillow, and were marching down a secret staircase under my head into a stone cavern, like the Wicked Witch’s soldiers from the Wizard Of Oz. in… Continue reading Merry Tentacles!

Rio DeGenarro Benefit Show

I am honored to have been invited to MC at the “Blame it On Rio” Benefit show, August 19th at the White Owl Social Club! Rio is a second-generation tattooer, who in addition to marking thousands of people over the last 40+ years, taught a large number of people to tattoo as well, in his… Continue reading Rio DeGenarro Benefit Show