apparently, when i am awakened happily by a smoochy girlfriend, i want to say something nice. but i am half in sleepy dreamland, and my face doesn’t work so good. so, sometimes when i mean to say: thanks for kissing me awake, i hope you have a great day, what comes out is a little… Continue reading #STMAG

Meet Me At Wordstock

Just in case you needed another reason to go to Wordstock, yours truly will be there at 5pm with the Mystery Box Show, telling a story on stage.

New Reviews for “Mommy’s New Tattoo”

I have been super busy this month with work and life! Summer is the busy season for my day job, and there’s been some really exciting stuff going on with “Mommy’s New Tattoo” which I will post about soon. Until then, check out some of the new reviews my book has gotten from Bob Baxter… Continue reading New Reviews for “Mommy’s New Tattoo”

Fables Of The Reconstruction

Due to a recent server crash, this site got deleted and is in the process of being rebuilt. I’ve put up a new¬†About section, and Buy page, which has an updated list of where you can get my books and tattoo designs. Everything else is mostly back in place, except for the portfolio pages. These… Continue reading Fables Of The Reconstruction