I Love My Library pin, available again!

This enamel pin is available again as a fundraiser for EveryLibrary.org. Extra exciting this year is that as a monthly donor, your dollars will be matched to go even farther to keep libraries open! Show your support here. I am honored to have created this design for such an amazing organization, with my partner &… Continue reading I Love My Library pin, available again!

Folk Art Jellyfish

This is the last design I'm offering for my Folk Art Tattoo Coloring Book project proposal. I'm starting to work on the finished coloring book pages with these illustrations at their center, which, with the finished videos of these concepts as tattoos, I'm starting to shop around next month to publishers. Thanks to everyone who's… Continue reading Folk Art Jellyfish

Letters From The Void

I am proud to announce that Float On has released a new book about people's experiences in their sensory deprivation float tanks. I was featured in their first book. Artwork From The Void (FloatOn, 2011) which was mostly pictures and a few selections of writing. This book is primarily writing about the float experience, and a… Continue reading Letters From The Void

Fables Of The Reconstruction

Due to a recent server crash, this site got deleted and is in the process of being rebuilt. I’ve put up a new¬†About section, and Buy page, which has an updated list of where you can get my books and tattoo designs. Everything else is mostly back in place, except for the portfolio pages. These… Continue reading Fables Of The Reconstruction